• Smart Workplaces

    Strong acceptance of Smart Workplaces concept

    We are well on our way! The Smart Workplaces implementation is now kicked-off and the planning started at a majority of our sites and offices. Here’s a short update on the status.

    China, India, Turkey, Poland, US, Sweden, Japan, Germany (parts), UK and France – all major countries have now started their planning and/or roll-out of the Smart Workplaces concept - on top of the test sites in Denmark, Poland and Australia who started their process early 2021. 

    This means that an extensive number of employees have had initial talks with their managers and potentially also received an offer to consider – and some have already started to work accordingly. 


  • Fully flexible Smart Workplaces setup optimal for IWS

    Our Integrated Workflow Solutions (IWS) team, with main sites in Copenhagen, Aarhus (Denmark) and Hamburg (Germany), was one of the first Getinge units to implement the new Smart Workplaces concept – and the fully flexible setup is highly appreciated.

    “We welcome all team members to be physically present in our offices, but they are free to work from home or in another suitable location of their choice. And it’s up to each employee to decide how much time they want to spend in the office and the remote workplace,” says Charlotte Enlund, Vice President Integrated Workflow Solutions.


  • Smart Workplaces concept up & running in India

    Our teams in India have implemented the Smart Workplaces concept – and here are some views on how the possibility to work full time outside the office, or partly at the office, influences productivity as well as the work/life harmony.

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